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Tryton Services

B2CK members are the core developers of Tryton. As such they provide a wide range of valuable services. B2CK expertise will ensure you assistance on most of Tryton related subjects such as bugfixes, technical or organisational advising.

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B2CK is the reference company for Tryton developments. We provide 2 ways of pricing:

Based on time pack

Pack duration Price
2h 200€
10h 800€
50h 3000€
100h 5000€
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Please note

  • The prices are exclusive of VAT.

Based on quotation

Development pricing varies with the duration of the project and its interest for the Tryton community. Feel free to contact us for any quotation.


# Starter Basic Premium
Initial Responce Time 5 days 3 days 1 day
Phone and Mail Support Business Hours Business Hours Business Hours
Number of Support Incidents 2 per year 20 per year No limit
Annual Subscription Price 95€ 995€ 3995€
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Please note

  • Initial Response Times are expressed in business days.
  • For phone and mail requests, French and English are spoken.
  • The prices are exclusive of VAT.


Trainings are organised on demand. Please contact us if you are interested.